CSSI Launches Industry’s First Android Lifecycle Management Service

In an industry-leading move, CSSI Technologies has launched the enterprise mobile industry’s first lifecycle management program. With CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™, CSSI provides a service which provisions, manages, and updates Android mobile devices, removing the workload from customers’ overloaded internal IT teams.

CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™ has multiple benefits:

  • Your internal IT team, which may be overloaded and/or lack proficiency in Android, is saved the burden of maintaining and provisioning Android devices.
  • CSSI’s ‘white-glove’ device provisioning means that devices arrive at your facility ready to turn on and use, saving time.
  • Security risks are minimized as CSSI keeps your devices synced to a standard configuration, and updated to the appropriate version of Android.

Companies replacing aging Windows Mobile devices with new Android handhelds are finding that they are unprepared to handle Android’s rapid pace of change. Falling behind means they become increasingly susceptible to security risks. We created CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™ to solve this problem.”

Joe Tosolt, President, CSSI Technologies

Read our press release below:

Press Release - CSSI Introduces Device Lifecycle Management

Learn more about CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™ by clicking here.

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