Honeywell PX940V with Integrated Label Verification Saves Money on Chargebacks

Do you face challenging customer and regulatory requirements which require error-free labels? Honeywell’s new PX940V printer with an integrated label verification will eliminate costly fines and chargebacks.

Consider: if you produced 10 bad labels per year, each resulting in a $500 fine, that would cost you $6,000/year. The ROI on the PX940V is astounding, since it essentially eliminates the possibility of bad labels.

Honeywell PX940V with integrated label verifier
  • PX940V features integrated label verification technology which provides error-free printing and results in cost savings of $10k-$15k per printer
  • PX940V enables precision printing and reduces scrap
  • PX940V is easier to maintain and more reliable than past models

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