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Zebra Rugged Tablets: All Your Answers in One Device

E-commerce has driven up the demand for quality field services. From faster delivery rates to knowledgeable on-site support, online shopping has changed the global market, creating a need for efficient mobile technology. Whereas mobile services could get away with consumer-grade phones five years ago, today’s delivery operations require durable enterprise solutions, such as secured communication channels and environment-proof hardware.  As leaders in efficient modernization, CSSI Technologies recommends considering six factors before selecting a new mobile device:

  1. OS type
  2. Screen size
  3. Mobility options
  4. Scanner integration
  5. Camera integration
  6. WiFi or data plan

Combining maximum flexibility with durability, Zebra Rugged Tablets provide the widest range of features to match your workforce’s needs. From operating systems to keyboard models, Zebra’s L10 and ET5X Series Tablets are designed to meet and adapt to your workflow.

Zebra rugged tablet portfolio

So Many Options…

When it comes to field services, your workers need more than another portable device. Equipped with long-range networking and military-grade durability, Zebra Rugged Tablets enhance worker mobility your way in the best way by letting you choose…


Running on either a Windows or Android OS, Zebra Rugged Tablets gather all the power of familiarity within an ergonomic device. Experience unmatched faster processing with Windows L10 Tablets or maximize versatility with Android-based Mobility DNA.

Screen Size

Whether you choose the ET5X’s smaller 8in screen or the L10’s standard 10.1 display, expect continuous functionality with Zebra’s glove-friendly touchscreens, designed to withstand dust, scratches, snow, and humidity, all without losing legibility even in direct sunlight.

Zebra L10 Rugged Tablet

Mobility Options

Compatible with various docking and vehicle mounts, Zebra’s tablets can easily transition into a hands-free solution. To take mobility a step farther, select from the L10’s three different form factors (XPAD, XSLATE, and XBOOK) for simpler data entry with either a keyboard (XBOOK) or a built-in scanner (XPAD)

Scanner Integration

Add a Zebra SE4710 enterprise-class scanner into the XPAD for flawless data capture even with the most problematic barcodes.

Camera Integration

Whether it be for quality videoconferencing or proof of condition, capture pristine imaging with Zebra’s 2MP/5MP front camera, and 13MP rear camera, available in every tablet model.

Connectivity Type

As mobile workers travel longer and farther, modern networks must run seamlessly at a broader ranger. To facilitate communication channels and application performance, Zebra’s tablets are compatible with multiple network services such WiFi, 4G LTE, and leading public service networks like AT&T and Verizon.

Improving operations with smart technology, CSSI Technologies provides innovative solutions based on customer needs. Enhance workforce mobility when you contact us to find a tablet solution that matches your team’s workflow.

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