Add Image Capture to Your WMS, Quality, or Safety System

Have you ever wished that you could add camera functionality and image capture to your warehouse management, quality, or safety system application?

  • Document the condition of damaged goods upon receipt or shipment
  • Document quality issues
  • Document safety concerns and hazards
  • Quickly and easily allow your users to distribute photos to necessary parties

Now you can! And you can do so even if you are using terminal emulation on your mobile devices! Watch the short video below and let CSSI show you how we can make that possible for you within the Android operating system (even if you are still using green screens)…

YouTube player

Once you migrate from mobile devices running Windows Mobile to Android, there are many benefits, particularly if you work with CSSI’s custom programming team to add special utilities such as the one demonstrated above!

Want to learn more about the remarkable benefits that the Android operating system enables for your mobile devices? (And learn how painless it can be to migrate?)… Register for our Apr. 17 webinar It’s Not Easy Being Green – Rapid TE Migration & Beyond.

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