Hands free for productivity – Honeywell’s 8680i wearable hands-free scanner

Ready to attain a new level of productivity in your warehouse, receiving, shipping, or material handling departments? Check out Honeywell’s 8680i wearable scanner. This is an innovative scanner which rides on the back of the user’s hand, freeing up the hands for action. This wearable drives productivity gain by eliminating the few seconds lost in picking up, setting down, and interacting with handheld scanners for each scanning operation — Honeywell has documented that this can consume 5 to 8 seconds per pick, which adds up to significant productivity improvement in a high-frequency picking environment.

This is a durable bluetooth scanner with an integrated 2-line display — correcting the fatal flaw of other ring scanners which are unable to provide good/back pick info back to the user. The 8680i is even available in a clever format in which it is integrated into the back of a work glove, enabling truly ‘hands-free’ usage.

As a platinum Honeywell partner, CSSI is pleased to have one of the first 8680i’s ‘in hand’ and available for customer demos today. Interested in taking a look? Contact us.





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