Productivity Boost – Honeywell’s 8680i Smart Wearable Scanner

Honeywell has announced a cool new productivity-booster for warehouse and logistics workers – the 8680i Smart Wearable Scanner. This is a bluetooth scanner which is worn on one hand — allowing the worker to scan without having to repeatedly picking up and setting down a handheld computer. The benefits for your worker and operation are multiple:

  • less wasted movement
  • more efficient scanning
  • improved worker ergonomics

The ROI case for wearable devices is compelling — workers can lose 5 to 8 seconds every time they pick up / scan / set down a handheld scanner. In environments with intensive scanning, the seconds add up very quickly — significant savings can be achieved through productivity improvement as this waste is removed from the process. CSSI can help you to analyze your operation to determine the business case. The 8680i is lightweight, and features ergonomic triggers as well as a built-in display (which reduces the worker’s need to look at his/her mobile device screen). Key info can be presented on the display, and this info can be customized for your specific application.

Contact CSSI today for a demo of the 8680i.

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