Honeywell’s new Dolphin CN80 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin CN80In late 2017, Honeywell announced the first product on its new Mobility Edge platform (read here read about that product, the Dolphin CT60). Mobility Edge products feature a common chip which enables customers to certify an application against any device on the platform and use that application on any other current or future device on the platform. Flexibility and options!

The real impact of that flexibility comes as Honeywell adds new devices to the platform. With that in mind, Honeywell just announced the 2nd Mobility Edge device, the Dolphin CN80. Whereas the CT60 is a value-oriented touch-screen only product, the new Dolphin CN80 is a performance- and feature-oriented workhorse. This rugged mobile computer features a 4.2 inch display and numeric or QWERTY keypad. It’s ready for warehouse and manufacturing applications inside the factory walls as well as usage in the field in logistics or delivery scenarios.

As the business world navigates the ongoing transition from Windows to Android operating systems, and makes investments to convert applications to Android, financial leaders will be glad to hear that any applications certified to work on the CN80 will work on other Mobility Edge models, and will  also be able to evolve from Android N through Q. This guarantees many years of return on the Android updates. Need help converting your Windows applications to Android? CSSI specializes in this type of custom software development. Contact us to discuss.

The CN80 has too many features and benefits to discuss here. Here are just a few:

  • Dolphin CN80 warehouse mobile computer Built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge(tm) platform, which enables you to deploy the same applications to different Mobility Edge devices across your business
  • Will support Android versions N through Q… guaranteeing years of usability
  • Choose between numeric or QWERTY keypads. All models include rugged touch screen.
  • Enhanced 1D/2D scanning for distances from 6 inches to 50 feet
  • Extremely durable – will withstand 8 foot drops
  • Cold storage version available – rated for temperatures down to -30C.

You can obtain the CN80 product data sheet here. Please contact CSSI for a consultation and your personal demo of the CN80.

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