Introducing Zebra DNA… Connected, Empowered, Optimized

Zebra Technologies has introduced a new ‘DNA’ concept which is being incorporated in new devices and services. In their view, Zebra DNA ‘determines how a thing evolves and what it will become’, thus serving as a great metaphor for technologies which connect and thereby extend the functionality of devices. There is an IOT (internet of things) element here which will create quite a bit of value for Zebra customers.

Specifically, Zebra DNA is applied in 3 different product categories:

  • Zebra DataCapture DNA – helps to produce optimal device performance via real-time analytics which can be viewed on-site or remotely
  • Zebra Print DNA – enables remote management of large printer fleets.
  • Zebra Mobility DNA – device management and communication aid with perks like SimulScan, a document capture tool

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CSSI introduces Zebra DNA
Zebra DNA - Quality to the Core

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