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Zebra ET50 Tablet for field mobilityDid you know over 50% of employees use tablets for work at least once per week? As tablet adoption ramps up in the workplace (up 18% in 2017), companies struggle to find the right technology. The challenge: choose between a consumer-grade product which will not offer enterprise-grade lifecycle and acceptable durability, or an ultra-rugged product which will be overbuilt (and extremely expensive) for most applications. It’s a difficult choice – save up front and pay more later in hassle and replacements, or pay too much up front for features your application may not require.

This creates a large gap, into which Zebra injects the ET50 / ET55 tablet. This is a ‘just-right’ solution, with both consumer-type features, Zebra quality and enterprise-ready lifecycle and support. Consider some of the features:

  • 10.1″ or 8.3″ displays
  • Connect via wifi, or via 4G LTE for field work
  • Choose between Windows or Android OS
  • Front and rear-facing cameras
  • Durable and bright screen, using Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Optional hot swappable battery
  • Loads of docks and accessories
  • Rugged – IP65 sealing. Optional rugged frame further boosts drop test and screen durability specs.

Zebra ET50-ET55 mobile computers

Ideal applications for the ET50 are Field Service, Field Sales and Logistics/Trucking, Warehouse/Distribution, and light Manufacturing environments. CSSI has exceptional experience working with all of these applications. If you’d like to get an in-person demo or talk about this tablet, please contact CSSI’s barcoding and mobile computing experts to proceed. We’d enjoy helping you put this computer through its paces.