Honeywell CN75 – optimal upgrade for CN70 users in transition to Android

Honeywell CN75If your field workers are in need of reliable customer-visible mobile computers (field delivery, proof of delivery, field service), the Honeywell CN75 and CN75e are a great option to consider, particularly if you are evolving towards Android. These rugged and compact handhelds are ideal for industrial environments where battery life and processing power are needed. Choose from WEH6.5 or Android OS to support your business applications, and utilize the CN75’s high speed wireless to report data near-instantly. As would be expected of a Honeywell device, CN75/CN75e boast excellent scanning capability

If you are an existing user of CN70/CN70e devices, there are further advantages:

  • reuse cradles, chargers and accessories you already own
  • supports existing applications
  • proven durability in the field
  • extend WEH6.5 support onto this new product
  • not yet ready for Android? Start with WEH6.5 and transition to Android when you’re ready

CN75/CN75e serve as a powerful bridge on your journey from Windows to Android. Talk to CSSI today about your options.

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