Save $$$ with the Honeywell Printhead Replacement Program

Honeywell Printhead Replacement ProgramDid you know that you can leverage your business’s investment in high-quality Honeywell print media with the Honeywell printhead replacement program? Significantly reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership) by contacting CSSI for more information about this program.

Obviously, there are a range of providers for print media. While it can be tempting to make sourcing decisions simply based on cost, it is important to consider all of the factors, including ease of use on the plant floor. For example – does the media have adequate strength and tear resistance to avoid expensive downtime on the production line?… and is the media prone to cause more wear and tear on your printers?

Honeywell believes strongly in the quality of its media, and therefore provides a program which enables you to enroll for free printhead replacement as long as certain basic usage factors are met. With this program you will:

  • Realize improved printer uptime
  • Improve ROI through an extended printer life

Get the data sheet here: Honeywell Printhead Replacement Program

Our customers have had a great experience with this program. Contact CSSI to learn more.

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