Key Considerations When Choosing a Modern Mobile Operating System – Zebra Technologies

Key Considerations When Choosing a Modern Mobile Operating System from Zebra Technologies

When migrating to a new mobile operating system, organizations should carefully consider essential components required to deliver long-term operational success.

The Workforce Mobility Revolution is upon us and with it brings a tremendous opportunity for organizations to increase their operational efficiency and productivity while at the same time save money. New technologies and consumer-friendly hardware and software running on enterprise-class platforms are making it easier than ever to deploy a successful field mobile strategy. Many organizations are already using modern rugged handheld devices and plenty more are ready to integrate them into their workflows. While mobility is on the rise, a major shift is occurring in the mobile operating system (OS) landscape. Devices that have been deployed for over a decade are reaching end-of-life and new options are emerging. As Microsoft prepares to end support for existing Windows mobile OS devices in 2020, other players have made in-roads. Google has transformed its Android OS into an enterprise-ready platform with a user interface that mirrors that of consumer-grade devices making adoption infinitely easier.

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