Benefits of Warehouse Management Software Built for Dynamics GP

Need a WMS to Manage Inventory & Warehouse Operations?

Does your business maintain inventory and have warehouse workflows such as receiving, picking, and shipping? How do you manage these processes? Companies which utilize manual processes often find that the resulting inefficiencies and inaccuracies can cause real financial pain over time. For that reason, the Warehouse Manage System was invented — taking advantage of mobile computer and barcode scanning technology to improve operations!

What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

A WMS is software built specifically to manage inventory management and warehouse workflows such as receiving, picking, and shipping. Modern WMS software is designed to run on the small screens of handheld computers, providing a convenient way for warehouse workers to update the system as they perform their tasks throughout the day. A WMS will improve inventory accuracy, save time for workers, and accelerate their receiving/picking/shipping duties. By integrating with your accounting system, such as Dynamics GP, the WMS keeps your inventory records up to date. Read more about the power of warehouse management software.

CSSI Built a WMS Just for GP

With decades of expertise in both Dynamics GP and warehouse technology, CSSI was well-situated to create a WMS built specifically for GP. Our WMS is a user-friendly front-end interface which resides on mobile computers used by your warehouse team. Our workflows will guide your users through tasks, which ensures accuracy and assists in training new employees.

The Benefits of a GP-Specific WMS

There are many WMS products out there. Why choose a product built just for GP?

  • Maintain one ‘source of truth’ – inventory and order details are directly updated in GP, avoiding synchronization problems.
  • Ready to go with GP – our WMS was built by GP experts, and is plug and play with GP. All transactions are properly logged in GP.
  • Customizable – we are GP experts at CSSI. We are able to offer enhancements and customizations as required for your business’ unique requirements.

Learn More About CSSI’s WMS for GP

To discuss your needs and learn more about how CSSI’s WMS for GP can be a fit for your business, please contact us to arrange a WMS demo.