How To Record Unused Check Numbers in GP

Keep Track of Unused Check Numbers

Many times, check stock will be forgotten in the printer and then printed on by accident. If you would like to keep track of wasted, unused check numbers in GP, here is a simple method.

  1. Go to Financial > Transactions > Bank Transaction Entry
  2. Option: Enter Transaction
  3. Type: Check
  4. Select the Checkbook ID
  5. Enter the Check Number
  6. Enter something descriptive in the Paid To field
  7. Leave the Amount set to zero
  8. You do not need to add another distribution account since it’s a zero transaction
  9. Click on Post

Your zero check will now appear in the Checkbook.

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Here’s a new Dynamics GP feature which was added in the GP 18.4 release – how to save inquiry window sort options.

This option is available in the following windows: Receivables – Transaction by Customer, Receivables – Transaction by Document, Sales Item, Payables – Transaction by Vendor, Payables – Transaction by Document, Bank Reconciliation – Checkbook Register, Checkbook Balance.

Select your default Sort by option then click on View > Save Window Preferences.

In addition to the sort options being saved, the “Include” Type (Work/Open/History) will be saved, along with the size of the window if you change it.


These saved default settings are per individual user and are system wide, so the saved setting will default for any company that user logs into.

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GP Tip: Find Amounts in GP with GL Transaction SmartList

Here is an easy way to find everywhere that a particular dollar amount posted in GP.  Maybe an aging report doesn’t tie out to the corresponding GL account.  If you’re lucky, the amount of the difference could be one transaction.  Look for that amount with another Financial Accounts Transactions SmartList.

Open SmartList and expand the Financial folder then the Account Transactions folder.

Start with an existing list that contains the columns you want displayed in this new list. 

Click on the Search button. Filter on Debit Amount or Credit Amount. Add a Date Range filter, if needed. If you first searched on Debit Amount and didn’t get any results, try searching on Credit Amount next.

Click on OK to view results.

Remember, you can always double-click on a row to drill-down to the transactions.

Click on Favorites to save the new list with a new name.

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GP Tip: Disabling GP Posting Journals

Ever wonder how to turn off those pesky Posting Journals that no one ever looks at, … or that you print to the screen or cancel?

Here’s how to do it!

  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Posting > Posting
  • Select a Series and an Origin
  • The list of Reports that appear will all be related to whatever Series and Origin you select
  • Uncheck in the Print column to not print the report at all
  • Or choose an option in the Send To columns to set a default destination
  • The question mark column means to Ask Each Time
  • The column with the monitor icon means to always print to the screen
  • The column with the printer icon means to always print to the printer
  • The file folder icon means to always print to a file.  If you choose this option, you will then choose Type of File, File Location and Append or Replace the file.  (Tip:  this is not usually a very helpful option as most GP reports do not look in any of these formats.)
  • NOTE:  Be careful not to change any of the other options in this window as this will affect how transactions post to the general ledger!
  • Click on Save when finished
disable posting journals in GP

That’s it!

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GP Tip: Protecting Your Control Accounts

Do you know how to tighten the reins on what can post where in GP?

A control account is an account within the general ledger that corresponds to a subsidiary ledger, such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash and Inventory.  Normally, general journal entries should not be posted to these accounts because then they will no longer tie out to subsidiary reports.

You can prevent users from posting to these accounts by going to Financial > Cards > Account and unchecking the “Allow Account Entry” checkbox.

Protect control accounts in gp

If a user tries to post a journal entry to this account, they will get the message below.

microsoft gp control account tip

These accounts can still be posted to through the subsidiary module. And you can go back to Account Maintenance and temporarily recheck that box as needed.

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Removing Discontinued Inventory Items

Do you have inventory items that you would like removed? Did you know that there is a process to accomplish this in Dynamics GP? Here’s how:

You can start preparing items to be removed during the year-end process by changing the item type to Discontinued. Go to Inventory > Cards > Item. Change the Type to Discontinued.

GP remove discontinued inventory items 1

Items are tracked the same as Sales Inventory items in that you can still sell Quantities On Hand. You can also enter adjustments for the item and can delete the item when the quantity reaches zero.

You can also remove Discontinued items during the Inventory Year-End process.

GP remove discontinued inventory items 2

Mark this option to remove the records for discontinued items that have been completely sold.  Items assigned the discontinued item type will be removed from the item records during the year-end closing process, unless there are quantities of the item, or one of the following is true:

  • The item does not exist on an open transaction (sales document, purchase order, unposted inventory transaction).
  • The item is assigned to a kit.
  • The item is a component of a bill of materials.
  • The item has one or more bills of materials of its own.

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