On-Demand Webinar: 36 ISVs in 45 Minutes!

It’s hard to keep up with the big world of add-ons available for Dynamics GP. There are so many productive and time-saving tools out there, it can be impossible to stay abreast of the options. That’s why CSSI presented this special webinar, which is now available for your on-demand viewing. In this recording, the GP team is joined by Kim Peterson of Dynamics Connections, presenting “Rapid-fire: 36 ISVs in 45 minutes”. Kim has an extensive knowledge of the GP ecosystem, and gives you a quick summary of a wide swath of useful add-on products.

Here is the slide deck for the presentation:

The GP add-ons included in the 36 ISVs in 45 Minutes session include:

To learn more about any of the GP add-ons covered in this presentation, click here to contact CSSI.