How To Sort Companies in User Access Setup

Have you ever had to see if a user has access to a particular company in GP? If you have a lot of company databases you used to have to scroll through the entire list of companies to check the user’s access. You can now sort and search by company name or company ID making the task a lot faster. This feature was added in Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2019.

To use this tool, navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > User Access. Select the user you want to check and then select the drop down by Company Name and select by Company ID or by Company Name.

user access setup

The example shows by Company Name. Enter the Company Name in the Find by Company Name box and only that company will be displayed. You can then click whether or not the user has access to the company.

user access setup by company name

Do you have credit limits set up for your customers in GP? If so, you can easily see if a customer is over their credit limit by enabling the display icon. This feature was added in GP 2015 R2.
To set up this feature go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Sales > Receivables and go to the Options section and select the checkboxes for Display Over Credit Icon and Warn if Customer Over Credit.

display over credit icon

You can also require a password to allow the credit limit to be overridden. The setup for that is at Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Sales > Receivables.

exceed credit limit

The Over Credit Limit icon is displayed on the various customer related GP windows whenever a customer is over their credit limit.

customer maintenance
visual indicator customer over credit limit
on hold warning

By the way, there’s a built-in SmartList that lists all customers over their credit limit.

customers over credit limit

Microsoft Dynamics GP – New Features for 2021

As we start off a fresh new year, it’s a great time to update Microsoft Dynamics GP users on on all the new functionality in Dynamics GP for 2021! In this on-demand webinar, GP consultant Deborah Newcomer from CSSI brings you up to date on GP ERP software, discusses each new feature, and takes a look at the road map for this ERP solution. We think that Dynamics GP customers will find this discussion helpful.

Some of the content discussed in this on-demand webinar (Whats new in dynamics GP 2021) includes:

General Updates

Prior GP lifecycle plan: Prior to 2021, Microsoft published fixed dates for end of mainstream support and end of extended support. Please note: if you are running a version of GP which is either beyond or approaching its support end date, it’s time for a GP upgrade: contact CSSI to discuss your options.

GP support dates

New GP Lifecycle policy: Microsoft has committed to releasing 2 or 3 updates per year. You are considered current if you install at least 1 upgrade per year. Keeping current with updates not only gives you access to new functionality such as the features discussed below, it also provides you with bug fixes and patches to keep you secure.

GP New Lifecycle Policy

New GP Features for 2021

The following topics are covered in the webinar recording:

New GP Features – System Manager

  • Why you should periodically run ‘check links’. You can now schedule ‘check links’.
GP Scheduling Check Links
  • Bulk move/remove columns in Smartlist.
GP Bulk move columns in SmartList
  • Screen outputs automatically open in a maximized state.
  • You can now use a Named Printer when printing Word Templates.
GP assign named printers

New GP Features – General Ledger

  • Transaction entry contains new GP user defined fields.
GP - GL - new user defined fields
  • Reconcile financial information – a useful feature when changing fiscal periods.
GP reconcile financial information
  • Transaction entry: Excel copy/paste now uses decimal places assigned to each currency
GP excel copy-paste
  • Payables management – use copy/paste to create payables transactions.
GP copy paste payables transactions

New GP Features – Purchasing

  • Vendor maintenance includes a new DBA field.
GP vendor maintenance new DBA field
  • Vendor maintenance includes a 1099 NEC (non employee compensation) option.
GP 1099 NEC options
  • Payables management setup – vendor map and transaction type new feature.
GP vendor map transaction type

GP New Feature – Inventory

  • Export stock schedules to a spreadsheet, make updates, and import data back into GP. Great workflow improvement for some.
GP stock count schedule update

New GP Features – Sales Order Processing

  • Option to print sales documents, even when sent via email.
GP option to print sales documents even when emailed

New GP Feature – HR

  • Automatically mask Social Security numbers on many HR reports.
GP social security mask

Who is CSSI?

CSSI Technologies is a Microsoft partner with over 20 years of experience as a GP consultant. We provide training, support, and consulting for companies which utilize Dynamics GP ERP software. We believe that Microsoft Dynamics GP users deserve great guidance and support. Wondering if you are receiving great support from your GP provider?

To learn more about how CSSI can assist your business with the GP ERP system, please contact us to get started.

Need to Back Out GP General Journal Entries?

If you have a general journal entry that was posted incorrectly, either with a wrong posting date or wrong GL account numbers or amounts, did you know that you can easily back out a Dynamics GP general journal entry and post a correcting entry without having to re-key the entire transaction manually?

Here’s how to back out GP General Journal Entries

  1. Go to Financial > Transactions > General
  2. Click on the Correct button
  3. Click on the Action down arrow to select whether you want to just back out an entry or back out a journal entry and create a correcting entry
  4. Select the Year
  5. Enter the number of the general journal entry to be corrected
  6. Click on OK
  7. The window will fill in with the entry to be backed out (original entry reversed)
  8. Leave as is and click on Post
  9. If you selected the “back out a GL entry and create a correcting entry” action, then a second journal entry will be created. This contains the date, accounts and amounts from the original journal entry. Make any necessary changes then Post.
How to back out GP general journal entries

Need help with Dynamics GP? CSSI provides technical support and training with our team of experienced GP pros! Contact us today.

Are your vendor, customer or employee ID’s alphanumeric and based on the name?  What happens when a name gets changed?  You’re stuck with an ID that doesn’t match the name.  Well, not if you use the GP Modifier tool!  This tool can be used to change master ID’s (Vendor ID, Customer ID, Employee ID or Item Number).  The Vendor and Customer tools are located under Utilities on the Purchasing and Sales pages.  The Employee and Inventory tools are accessed thruogh the PSTL (Professional Services Toolkit Library).

On the other hand, the GP Combiner tool will let you combine master records.  For instance, maybe you have a vendor that was created twice, under two different ID’s, and you’d like to combine them into one.

To use the Vendor Combiner and Modifier tool:

  1. You must be logged into GP as the ‘sa’ user
  2. All other users must be logged out of GP
  3. Go to Purchasing > Utilities > Vendor Combiner and Modifier
  4. Choose which tool you’d like to use (Combiner or Modifer)
  5. Enter a Source Vendor ID and a Destination Vendor ID
  6. Click on Process
  7. A report will print showing where or not the process was successful

It is strongly recommended that you have a current database backup prior to running these tools in case you accidentally enter an incorrect ID or if you have any hardware issues during the process.
If you have a large number of ID’s that need combined or modified, they can be imported into the tool from an Excel spreadsheet that has been saved as a .csv file.

Need GP help or support? Contact CSSI for expert guidance.

If you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you’ll know that we’ve previously discussed Fixed and Variable Allocation Accounts.  Another category of account you can create is GP Unit Accounts.  This type of account keeps track of non-financial information, such as number of employees per department or square footage per department/division.

To create a Unit Account, go to Financial > Cards > Financial > Unit Account.

Unit Accounts are treated like Balance Sheet accounts.  During the GL year-end close process, the balance will be carried forward to the new year unless you check the box to “Clear Balance During Year-End Close”.  (This checkbox was a new feature added in GP 2013.)

how to use unit accounts in gp

You post to unit accounts with by creating a general journal entry.  Debit the account to increase the balance and credit the account to decrease the balance.  This is the only time you can post an out-of-balance journal entry. Budget information can also be added for Unit Accounts. Unit accounts can be added to your financial statements and used in calculations.
Send a message to users in GP
You can send a message to other users within GP.
Go to Administration > Utilities > System > Send Users Message.  Check the box beside User ID to send a message to all users.  Or, check individual users.  Type in a message.

using unit accounts in gp

You can send a message as a Notification Message, which means a message box will pop up on that user’s GP screen (as shown below).  Only users currently logged will receive this message.

Or, you can send a message as a Task with Reminder.  However, this message will only be seen if the user is displaying Tasks on their GP Home Page.

You can also filter your user selection by clicking on the down arrow to the left of View All Users.  This way you can narrow the list down to only users currently logged in.  Or just those users logged into a particular company.

Interested in GP help or support? Contact the CSSI GP team today.

It’s hard to keep up with the big world of add-ons available for Dynamics GP. There are so many productive and time-saving tools out there, it can be impossible to stay abreast of the options. That’s why CSSI presented this special webinar, which is now available for your on-demand viewing. In this recording, the GP team is joined by Kim Peterson of Dynamics Connections, presenting “Rapid-fire: 36 ISVs in 45 minutes”. Kim has an extensive knowledge of the GP ecosystem, and gives you a quick summary of a wide swath of useful add-on products.

Here is the slide deck for the presentation:

The GP add-ons included in the 36 ISVs in 45 Minutes session include:

To learn more about any of the GP add-ons covered in this presentation, click here to contact CSSI.

Imagine if you could have a robust set of interactive, easy-to-distribute, colorful reports and dashboards pulling data from your Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system? Now you can, courtesy of Power BI and the Power BI Report Pack available through CSSI. See the pre-recorded webinar below for a detailed walk-through of this game-changing product.

Microsoft Power BI is Microsoft’s flagship, Data Analytics, and AI Reporting platform. Using this platform, we have created the Power BI REPORT PACK for Dynamics GP. The REPORT PACK is a suite of 100+ PRE-BUILT, turnkey, interactive dashboard reports for surfacing and analyzing all of your GP data. (GL, AR, AP, Sales Analysis, Forecasting, Budgets, Bank Recon, Inventory, Purchasing, Project Accounting, and Trend Analysis)

* Also features Multi-Year analysis, contrast and comparison.

GP Power BI Report Pack - AR and AP Aging Report

The Report Pack features stunning interactive graphs, actionable Data Insights, AI Analytics, Forecasting (predictive analytics) and drill through detail reports giving you an unprecedented 360-degree view of your data allowing you to make quicker and more informed decisions. You have never seen your data like this before.

GP Power BI Report Pack - GL and Transaction Imbalance Report

Let’s face it – nobody likes doing Expense Reports! But it is a necessary function of today’s increasingly mobile workforce. If you would like to remove the hassle from processing expense reports, check out this on-demand webinar:

In the video, CSSI introduces experts from Gorilla Expense, a GP add-on which is an automated, end-to-end Expense Management solution. In the webinar, we’ll talk about Gorilla Expense and show off features such as:

  • Submitting expense reports with electronic receipts from the mobile app
  • Creating and submitting an expense report on the web
  • Approving the expense report as a manager
  • Sending the data to GP with Gorilla Expense’s unique ‘1-click’ integration

Interested in learning more about Gorilla Expense today? Contact CSSI today to learn how we can take the pain out of expense reports.

The update to GP2018 was released in October of 2019, and we’ve now had time to digest the changes. One of the major (and perhaps confusing) changes is that GP has adopted Microsoft’s ‘Modern Lifecycle Policy’ and will no longer use version numbers. So the official latest version is known as just ‘Dynamics GP’.

For a detailed look at all that’s new in the most recent iteration of GP, please see our on-demand webinar:

Ready to upgrade? Contact CSSI to learn how we can make your upgrade painless.