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How To Use Copy/Paste for Payables Transactions in GP

Using Copy/Paste in the Dynamics GP General Ledger

If you like the Copy/Paste functionality in General Ledger, then you’re going to like having this ability in Payables Transaction Entry.  This feature was added in the October 2020 GP 18.3 release.

You use the copy/paste in both the Transaction Entry” window and the Distributions window.

The Excel spreadsheet must have the required fields in this order to copy paste correctly; not all amount fields need to have an amount. You must copy/paste all data fields only; do not include the header fields.

In the Transaction Entry window, select a Vendor ID and put your cursor in the Purchasing field.  Then the Paste button will be available.

Distributions will default from the Vendor record unless you paste in distributions. Below is a sample file layout for the distribution:

You’ll need to grant security access to this new feature by adding it to the Security Task shown below.

That’s it! Need more help with this GP tip? Contact CSSI for GP support.

Did you know that you can open a GP account inquiry window from within the Management Reporter Report Viewer?  You just need to drill-down to the account detail in MR and then you’ll see the Dynamics button.

Click on the Dynamics button and this will open the GP Financial Detail Inquiry window for that account number and that period/month.

The Detail Level setting in the MR report definition must include Account detail.

You must be logged into GP; otherwise, you’ll get the message below.

And, you must be using the Management Reporter Report Viewer, not the web viewer, as the default viewer to drill-down into GP.  In MR, go to Tools > Options and check the box highlighted below.

That’s it! If you would like additional help with drilling down to general ledger detail in GP, contact us for help.

Do you create and post transactions in sub-modules without using a Batch ID?  If so, then you know that you must remember to post the Financial batches that get created from these transactions.

With this new feature, also added in GP 2018 R2, you can now post through the general ledger at the transaction level.

A new checkbox, “Post Through General Ledger Files”, has been added to the Posting Setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Posting > Posting).

post through general ledger at transaction level

This option is available for the following types of transactions.

types of transaction allowing post through general ledger

Need help with this GP tip? Please contact CSSI.