On-Demand Webinar: Gorilla Expense for Dynamics GP

Let’s face it – nobody likes doing Expense Reports! But it is a necessary function of today’s increasingly mobile workforce. If you would like to remove the hassle from processing expense reports, check out this on-demand webinar:

In the video, CSSI introduces experts from Gorilla Expense, a GP add-on which is an automated, end-to-end Expense Management solution. In the webinar, we’ll talk about Gorilla Expense and show off features such as:

  • Submitting expense reports with electronic receipts from the mobile app
  • Creating and submitting an expense report on the web
  • Approving the expense report as a manager
  • Sending the data to GP with Gorilla Expense’s unique ‘1-click’ integration

Interested in learning more about Gorilla Expense today? Contact CSSI today to learn how we can take the pain out of expense reports.