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Looking to maximize efficiency in your environment? Workers who are armed with mobile computing devices have the advantage of access to critical data on the network; meaning less time spent traveling back and forth to their desktop to look up inventory locations, view a work order or contact an associate. With Honeywell mobile computing devices, you can count on reliability and durability from the forklift, outside the four walls, or hands-free on the shop floor.

Device reliability increases flexibility:

  • Compact Size
  • Flexible OS Support
  • Network Access
  • Tough Environments
  • Superior Barcode Scanning

Optimized for warehouse and distribution center environments.

Inventory Management

The convenience of a mobile computing device allows warehouse associates to move through workflow processes quickly and easily. Most devices are small and light, with unmatched durability; couple this with functionality that keeps workers close to the task and you’ve got a recipe for workflow efficiency.

Empower your workforce. For workers on the go, time is of the essence. Arm them with the tools they need, all in one device.

  • Access to Real-Time Data
  • Reliable Barcode Scanning
  • Utilization of Network Applications
  • Reduced Transaction Time

Forklift Operations

The demands of a forklift operator can be intense. Vehicle-mount computers keep operators in their seats, which can maximize the efficiency of their operations by offering information at their fingertips. The flexibility of these devices adds to the value they offer.

Wearable devices are great for mobile workers who need both hands free—to scan barcodes or look up information, all while moving boxes in the warehouse. Key features include:

  • Large Display
  • High-Performance 1D/2D Scanning
  • Comfortable
  • Light Weight

Warehouse Operations

To stay competitive, it’s imperative that you deliver on time with the correct order to the right customer. To do that, workers need to eliminate distractions and impediments to processes. A hands-free worker is more efficient, and less likely to have an accident or make an error. Having two hands available speeds up processes and allows workers to focus on the task, instead of focusing on where to pick up or put down their device.

How CSSI Can Help

Devices like the CK75 ultra-rugged mobile computer offer super tough, industrial-grade housing and components that offer ruggedness and reliability, along with features that streamline operations and provide an outstanding user experience. We can show you how. Why wait?

We can evaluate your forklift processes and determine best options for your workers. From the Thor VM1 to the Ultra-Rugged VM3, Honeywell solutions offer key features and functionality you need, and nothing you don’t. Large display, ignition control, field-replaceable front panel and Smart Dock are just the beginning of what’s possible. Get started.

Based on your application requirements, we can provide a recommendation for a lightweight, wearable scanning solution (and headset too!) to keep mobile workers moving and hands-free. Devices like the Dolphin 70e or 75e are comfortable and easy to use and include the 8620 ring scanner for linear and 2D barcode scanning. Tell me more about wearables.