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Designed for demanding manufacturing and warehousing
environments, barcode scanners offer simple, reliable and affordable scanning for day-to-day operations.

CSSI is Your Partner for Reliable Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanning technology is a long proven way to improve accuracy and efficiency through the use of automatic data capture (ADC). Barcodes eliminate human factor mistakes made in reading or writing which can have a huge impact upon your business. With a variety of form factors and feature sets for a broad range of use cases, barcode scanners exist to offer simple, reliable and affordable scanning for day-to-day operations.

Working with CSSI

CSSI possesses years of experience in the introduction of barcode labels in a broad variety of business types. We support all the key technologies involved, such as scanners, mobile computers, label printers, and reliable print media and labels. CSSI will work with you through the specification process, startingwith a site assessment and determination of your scanning needs, and as your technology partner, will ensure prior to purchase that you have selected the optimal barcode scanner.

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