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HRThe HRIS department typically generates more business forms than any other department. Through features in CoreIntegrator® Workflow Solution, the HRIS department can automate any number of processes including onboarding, termination, employee reviews and transfers and much more. And for all those paper based forms, the electronic forms designer is the perfect complement to replacing paper documents.

There are many processes in the HRIS department that require fast and efficient processing. Unfortunately due to a variety of factors including decentralized offices, these processes become bottlenecks and prevent the HRIS department from completing their tasks on a timely basis. Automated workflow can help expedite the process by electronically routing documents from person to person so that the necessary documents are processed as fast as possible. In addition, the information collected throughout the workflow process can be used to update applications such as an employee data base and eliminate the need for double data entry.

On-boarding and termination require fast and efficient processing of large amounts of paperwork, alerts to various departments including the IT department for security and network access – all these processes can be automated (even to the point of updating Active Directory) with CoreIntegrator® workflow. Consider a time off request form, a performance review form, a transfer form – think of all the forms the HRIS department uses to process requests. Paper is eliminated with CoreIntegrator® and an audit trail of the approval process is created and saved for historical purposes.

Forms may also require backup information, so CoreIntegrator®  provides a feature that allows users to electronically “staple” documents to the form as supporting documentation. Electronic forms are the perfect replacement to traditional paper based documents.

The integrity of an employee file folder is critical for many reasons and having a solution that can ensure both security and protection from loss or destruction brings significant value to the HRIS department. Whether you want to provide restricted access to department managers or to auditors or even down to the employee level, CoreIntegrator® can secure and protect your employee files from unauthorized access but at the same time give people 24×7 access to the documents they need to do their day to day business. CoreIntegrator® uses Microsoft SharePoint as a document repository but adds a sophisticated layer of security that you can control as a document administrator or records manager.

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