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accounts-payableCoreIntegrator® Workflow is a fully featured workflow application with out of the box solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the Accounts Payable department. Workflows include a complete end to end solution for both non PO based invoices as well as the PO invoice matching process. CoreIntegrator is an open architecture and can be configured to link directly to your accounting software (or other data source) for a completely integrated solution.

You can customize the approval process based on any number of factors including: the amount of the invoice, a department or location, the type of invoice, how it is coded (from a GL standpoint), and much more. We’ve also made it easy for “power users” to manage day to day changes to your workflow so that you don’t have to rely on us or your IT department to make changes for you.

The invoice matching process includes both 2 way and 3 way depending on whether you receive against your purchase orders or simply match to open PO’s. Built right in is “auto matching” for those users that can electronically import line item information either through OCR technology or a file import process.

Let’s say you have a new vendor and want to have that vendor approved and added to your accounting software prior to approving the invoice, it’s just one click away with our new vendor workflow. If an invoice has already been paid or in progress and you get a second invoice by mistake, we’ve got a duplicate checker to help make sure the invoice is only paid once. And if someone goes away on vacation, you can simply add a replacement approver during a specified timeframe and CoreIntegrator will take care of routing the documents to the right person.

All these features and more can improve the labor intensive process of invoice approval for your organization and provide a proven return on investment.

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